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I was sitting around after a meeting yesterday and had time to kill, so I was thinking a bit more about PV.

I was wondering whether it would be good to limit the characters to military officers only to begin with (until a player base of some size is established, as if we offere themt eh whole range of military, naval, religious, and political options, a small number of players may be so dispersed as to be not interacting with other players much.

For the same reason, I would suggest that we initially limit player character campaign involvement to one theater of war at a time (presumably the most active one, the one with the most strategic importance and popular focus). Military operations can and probably will be ongoing in one or more regions of Africa, India, and East Asia (as well as occasionally in Europe, the Levant, and the Americas). But allowing characters to take part in all the active theaters may be spreading a little butter across too much bread.

My thought was that characters would have the option each turn (did we settle on turns being seasons or months?) to operate in Britain or on campaign. Unlike En Garde, however, the principal choice would be to be on campaign, as social interaction could still take place on campaign (in fact, much of it would have to, since that's where one's immediate peers would be), and--especially for junior characters--much more advancement (increases in reputation and possibly in position) would take place as a result of campaign action more often than as a result of social interaction.
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